So many times we want things to last forever, but we’re never willing to wait for the right one or the right time.
Genesis 29:20 So Jacob served seven years to get Rachel, but they seemed like only a few days to him because of his love for her.

I wanna see this thing through
I wanna know what we have is true

Knowing that patience is a virtue

I’m willing to wait for you

And when people say waiting is wasting I wanna be able to look to you,

Show them the way to our happy ending

Not the way the world has so many people wrapped in a false pretense,

Our story will be different it’ll probably confuse so many because we know each other’s flaws but our intentions for each other over throws those walls ,

You were meant for me

Plenty of times I asked God to send me someone who’ll understand me

Let me be free

They say it’s stupid to wait

Well I must say I’ll be stupid for you

Because I already feel stupid enough for not realizing that real love is based on trust

And o how I thought I loved the ones

Who came into to my life

Like a wolf in the night

Just to win my heart

But see my heart has a funny way

Of denying ones love

Because I don’t really know them and

Cause of that I can’t really trust them

And see now I’m just wasting my time

Putting up with useless guys

Thinking I’m giving them a chance

But half of it was in gods plans

Letting me see that if I choose to wait then

That would be best for me

Because it’s nothing a man who isn’t meant for me can honestly give me

Besides a couple of nights

a few arguments all to see that

This so called relationship isn’t right

So with that advice

I’ll take mine

And I’ll wait

Wait for the one that is right

The one who has my back

Love me when I’m not doing right

Teaches me even when I’m stubborn at times

I’ll wait for you cause I know through the toughest times you’ll be by my side

And I’ll do the same for you
Just G


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