Stepping Stones 

When Frustration fills my mind

I don’t know who to be mad at


I rather not say a word

But then I only hurt

It’s not so much you

I just have these high expectations

Cause in the passed life has been 


Kicking me down, Pushing me


Putting things in my head that only 

sounds crazy now,

When success is hard to find

I just need you there from time to


Even when I push you away

I really only mean stay

I guess it’s crazy I suppose

But being a woman that’s kind of my 


We’re put on a pedestal

But to be real that’s all for show

I’m not perfect and never want to be

Can I just say the things that come to 


Without being judged as freak

Can I tell you lies and expect you to 

forgive me?

Can I tell you to wait while I chase my 

dreams, and hope you don’t cheat?

I don’t want to be the perfect girl

But I know that’s how you see me,

I just get so frustrated at the world

And how much it expects from me

So when I look to you

I’m just hoping you’ll take the

Pressure away

And let me be

The woman I am

And the woman I will grow to be

I wanna be somebody,

Before I need somebody
Just G


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