Facing Fears

If it’s one thing every sane human has in common, fear would be one of them. Sometimes it takes the role of other things in our life, like our unwillingness to do things or some may feel their pride is stopping them from doing something they truly desire. When you think about what’s really stopping you, its fear. Some people may fear failure, responsibility, or maybe even themselves.One of my biggest fears was disappointment. I never wanted to disappoint my family or myself. What I soon started to realize was that by not wanting to disappoint them or myself I tended to just do things by the book. Not that it’s a bad thing, but I never knew what I was really made of until I started taking chances and stepping outside of my box. That’s one thing I loved about my brother he never seemed scared of anything and I would always think, man if I wasn’t so scary I could probably rule the world lol or something close to it.
“Fear is a state of nervousness only fit for children. Men should not fear. The only thing man should fear is God. To fear anything other than God is to offend God.” –

It’s okay to have that moment where you’re so scared you want to run the other way, but don’t let that fear sit with you too long to the point it causes you to miss your opportunity.
I challenge everyone to face their fears, whatever it may be!


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