Non Compos Mentis

I love when they call me crazyThat’s how I know I’m real

No matter who I’m around 

I’m not gone fake how I feel

I’ll keep it cute

I’ll keep it classy 

Keep it nice on the eye

But I won’t act as if I like you

As if your a nice guy

Approach me stupidly 

And I’ll correct you immediately 

It’s not “what’s up baby”

Little boy your approaching a lady

And I know you may be confused 

Because too many girls let that “money talk”

Substitute the real you

But I’m no fool

See I already met you 

It was way before my twenties 

You know that time I tried to change you

I’m far from that young girl I was

And the only reason your still getting by

Is because some girls fathers never showed them what money can’t buy

So come correct when you approach me

Matter fact don’t come at all

Because I need more than sweet talk

To get me through dark times

I need a real man who don’t stunt,  for the crowd

I need a man who doesn’t make babies all around town

And that sir isn’t you

So if I act crazy

It’s because I’m not afraid to hide

How I feel towards you

Just G


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