Betrayal Mankind’s playground

The reason we can’t trust 

The same reason we can’t grow 

With anybody 

It puts us in a holding lot

Of unforgiving hearts

It always happen so swiftly 

And still tear us apart

The shocked look on our face

Tells the story of disbelief 

How could you

Why would you do this to me

You where suppose to my friend 

But somehow the knife ended up in your hand


One word with so many faces

Less face it

We can’t keep count

Of how many people 

Have let us down

Thoughts that it would never be you

Because you held them down

You where my day one

And I see I was the clown

But betrayal has a funny way of 

Sneaking around


Put me out of my misery 

I refuse to be a victim of

No love no loyalty 

I want that shit to be history

If you show your true colors 

I promise not to mumble a word

I’ll keep quiet

As long as you 

Don’t cross me first 

Just let yourself be known

So I won’t be obligated 

To be loyal 

To the Betrayal 

just G


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