Mind over Body

The body is a Temple,

Which is controlled by the mental,

And I am attracted to Kings,

Who can undress me mentally,

If I can’t speak my mind then how will you ever know me,

How could you understand a woman if you only lay with the body

and not with the thoughts inside me,

I heard few say they love me,

But I’m oh so sure they where in love with my flesh,

Because on this day if you dared me I wouldn’t double back,

You don’t know me mentally

You only know whats on the surface of this Earth,

And that isn’t half of me,

It’s a good representation

of the Lady I might be,

But to have me at full capacity

My Mind is key

To unlocking the treasures inside me,

And in order to guide me you must

First find me.

Seek my mind and not just my body,

I know it’s hard sometimes

To see something so precious so sweet,

But if I can’t wrap my lips around your brain,

You will never be able to touch me

My mind is how you reach me

It’s house you teach me to  be your wife

How we learn to see things equally,

It’s the source of having my body

And never having to share me

If mentally I’m yours first

Then I shall forever cling to be,

But just touching my body

then I’m positive you will lose me before you even had me,

My mind is the key,

Unlock it and discover me,

Don’t me you love me until you can understand me Mentally




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