1. freedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquility.
Please just let me be

Let me enjoy my life 

And everything God said he’ll bring 

Let me keep my peace

I want to smile and love life

I work hard for these things

I can’t understand why people 

Want to come for me

And I never sent for them to bring 

All their misery and pain 

It’s starting to feel 

Like everyone has a gun

Playing target practice with


When Just the other day 

I was the happiest I could be

It’s as if everyone can see that the 

G is turning into who she should be

That’s why I keep wondering why 

Negative people keep making my phone ring,

Is it because you’re not there 

Or it because of me

But everyone with the problem don’t have to fool with me,

I was just talking to God 

And he put it on my heart 

To just let things be

You know who you are 

And you know who you want to be

Misery loves company 

And that’s just what they gone be

But you can’t let the small talkers 

Disturb your peace 

-Just G 


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