Let’s fall in Love

Let’s fall in love
Here’s to the tricky conversations 

Where they ask if you have ever been in love,

And I’m always the one to claim no without hesitation,

Like what is that? 

Cause I can’t fake it

I mean I loved some

But I never just loved them enough 

Cause falling in love

Takes work and dedication 

And i just haven’t had one 

That made me want to put that much work in

I can admit I’ve been foolish 

But that doesn’t conclude that I’m in love with you,

So here’s to the future 

Where saying I love you

Means more then I care about you

To that moment I can say what’s mine is yours 

And we don’t have to think about it,

To that real love,

Like when we fight we can look back and laugh about it,

Yeah I’m all about it,

Cause I never been in love before 

And my common sense is telling me,

That when it’s real you don’t wanna throw the towel in,

So I’m all in.

Here’s to that moment when I find my king

Then I can tell the story of those silly moments 

When I thought I loved others

But it was only infatuation ,

Those little childish datings. 

Cause I never been in love before, 

But in this moment, 

Right now,

I’m willing 

And I’m patient 


2 thoughts on “Let’s fall in Love

  1. Definitely one of my favorite subjects to write about and I must commend you for doing a great job at it… Love your style of writing…


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