Is it wrongTo want it all

To demand everything from the world 

And never expect to fall

To step outside of the box

And do it all right 

Even if the world is against it

Does it mean it’s wrong to be the witness 

Of a life worth living

Where it’s not all drama

And every women isn’t 

Running around telling each other’s business 
Is it wrong to expect 

Only the best 

And when it’s not delivered 

You move on to he next

No matter the years or the friendship 

Is it wrong to want someone to put what you put in?
Sometimes I have to step outside of myself 

See the world for how it truly is

With all these expectations 

I wonder if I’m wasting it

But I could never just conform

And be complacent 
I just wonder sometimes 

Is it wrong to want better in your life 

To see your faults and don’t commit them twice 

Because I feel everyone serves a purpose and when that day comes

I want to show God why I was worth it.


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