Nana Yaa Asantewaa

As I sit in my room Day dreaming on who I could be
I look in the mirror and I pray my reflection is exemplary

The closest thing to perfect

I have ever seen

Is my mother

Staring deep into my

Eyes telling me

She will always love me
I often wonder sometimes

Have I ever told you
That without you I would be nothing

I wouldn’t know my left from right

I wouldn’t even know how to put up a fight

If I never told you

Let me tell you this

When I was young

I noticed you and everything you did

From the smile to the tears

I never thought of you as a young mother

But as I walk on this earth

I realize at 23 you still have so much to learn,

And sometimes I don’t know how you made things work,

But you always came through

Never last always first
Have I ever told you
That I shine because of you

I walk with an attitude because my spine

Is built from you,

And if no one ever told you

You are Worth so much more

Your smile is beautiful

But your heart is the brighter part

And how could anyone replace

A diamond that came from the rough

You push through it all

Regardless of the bruises and the cuts

You are the only reason why I am mentally tough

What you made can’t be broken

So I thank god for who you are,
If I never told you

Let me tell you now
All your mistakes were not in vain

I have this idea that it was all for me

To show me how to move

To show me that’ in life you have to do what you have to do,

We Don’t make excuses

And when it comes to men

If he not in it, then I’m not with it

Cause it takes two to do what God meant for us to do,

And when it comes to friends

Sometimes you only have one that’s with you till the end,

And when I have kids

I won’t let up

I’ma dig deep so they know exactly who they’re suppose to be,

My life is going to be everything

You ever wanted

Because you deserve to see

That you didn’t work like a slave for nothing

You worked because

You wanted to make something out of nothing
And if I never told you before

Let me tell you now
I hope that when my time comes to birth a child

That I give them the love you gave

It was always unconditional

No matter the mistakes


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