Destined To Be.

You call I answer. You need me I’m there. You complain I take your side. I agree to save your face. Sometimes I look the other way. Sometimes I hide my needs, only so you’ll receive what you need.

Because your feelings where important to me. Trying to be perceived how you wanted me to be.

Friends. You think you know me.

Family. Think they can read me.

But still both have yet to feel me, really feel me.

I digress.

It won’t be the same. I can no longer try it your way. I am not you and wasn’t designed to be.

If you complain about whom I am.

Maybe you don’t deserve my company.

My genuine spirit.

My I am not feeling this so I’m not with it.

Be okay with not being able to read me.

I am not a book. I write to fill up books.

So, you can better understand me.

To many layers to unravel to get me all at once.

I can’t always pick up. When you text, there may be no text back. I can’t stop what I started in my head. Mentally.

Not for Friends. Not for a Man. Not for the family.

Unless it’s what I want to do.

I can’t please God, myself, and you.

My advice is for you to never think you know,

Until your one with your own



Written by Gabrial Rushton


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