More than Hair…

Times like this I need to be able to let my hair down,

Let it breathe, let it live naturally through life,

Without all the stress or fret about having it look nice, I don’t want to care about what others will say if my edges ain’t laid,

I want to be able to relax with no pressure added,

Without detangling of words that he said or she said,

I want to let my hair do what it needs to do,

Be free if that’s what it needs to,

I don’t want to have to tie it up to appease the mix-breeds, or the men who have beauty confused with perfection, that being everything in place,

Because if my hair could talk it would tell you,

“That it takes a lot of work to manage me,

Therefore some days you have to go with the flow and still love me,

I’m not like others, I need a little more protection , a little more of paying attention , I’m very strong yet still sensitive,

And some days just won’t go your way when your dealing with me, and when that happens just let me be free, let me breathe, do not force anything, because if it isn’t right, I will reject it by any means”



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