Seven Letters.

Written by: Gabrial Rushton
It’s funny how we operate, 
We are all so inconsistent, 
Yet we expect things to be different,
We expect people to give their all,
When we all lack the ability of commitment 
Flakey human beings,
Hasty humans beings,
We love each other so much
That we let time dictate and win,
How do I have faith In you,
When in the end the moves made are all about you,
What am I to do when their is no time left,
When life is just what it is and we have to live by that,
We all want loyalty til the end,
But sometimes we not even loyal within,
We make excuses on how we have grown apart,
We let pettiness draw distance in our bond,
We do the exact things that we hate,
Instead of holding on tight to what’s real,
We let this thing called life, 
Dictate our time and our ways,
Instead of doing what is in our heart
Instead of living our life giving love to the ones we hold true,
Sometimes we aren’t living our lives to the fullest because we are too busy consumed with life’s distractions, life’s confusion,
That we miss our opportunity to really be down like we should,
Realize that loyalty lies inside you and I before it could ever be dished out to someone else.

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