Words for my Birthday.

In memory of my little cousin Vernon (Boo). Forever in my heart.

GabbyI remember.

Wanting to be 18.

Only to be classified as grown.

Like that’s a dream.


Year 21.

When I didn’t have to lie.

Just to get drunk.

When I turned 23 and 24.

Everything was just ok.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted anymore.

I wasn’t sure what was real.

I did a lot of searching those years.



May the 18th 2018.

I turn 25.

This birthday. My spirit is different.

This birthday. I’m just happy to be alive.

This birthday. I’m thankful for second chances.

This year.

I’ve reached a point where I can reflect on life.

The little I have done.

The things I have learned.

And the things I don’t want to forget.

I see. I feel. I understand.

How god is molding me.

From my relationships. To my Career.

The journey is far from smooth.


I always end up where I need to be.

These days I appreciate life.

On another level.

I’m learning something new about myself every day.

Growing as a writer.

Opening up more.

Even when it’s hard to do.

I’m putting as much energy as possible into my book.

My vision is starting to come alive.

It scares me.

How real words on paper feel.

But I love it.

At 25.

I want to find my purpose.

Before I leave this earth.

I want every minute of my life to be worth it.

I don’t want a life that was too short. Everyday has to account for something.

And even if it’s a day just spent loving.

I want that.

With as much grace as possible.

With all the choices in this world.

Choose to be grateful.

Know what living your “best life”.

Really means.

Stay positive.